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German, Swedish, Dutch and French translations of THE PSALMIST and THE TEMPEST now available.

VIRAL tops Kindle list for Political Novels, Spy Stories

VIRAL reached No. 1 on Amazon's Kindle list in December 2014 in the categories of Political Novels, Spy Stories and Medical Thrillers.


THE PSALMIST named a Top 10 book of the year

Phil Jason, book review editor for Florida Weekly, included THE PSALMIST in his annual listing of top 10 books.


The Big Thrill, the publication of the International Thriller Writers association, featured a Q&A on THE PSALMIST.



'Everyone talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.'
- Charles Dudley Warner (a quote often attributed to Warner's friend Mark Twain)

Don't just talk about the weather

As the Space Race once inspired us, taming the weather should be the next great national goal. THE LEVIATHAN EFFECT.

From The Baltimore Sun Op-Ed pages, Read the story here.


Bookreporter.com calls THE LEVIATHAN EFFECT "one of the best thrillers in years."

Click here for the article.



The second book in the Mallory brothers series, THE LEVIATHAN EFFECT, is now available from Soho Press.

Toronto Star picks THE LEVIATHAN EFFECT a Dad's Day 'Book of Note'
The Toronto Star, Canada's largest newspaper, included THE LEVIATHAN EFFECT among five thriller books recommended for Father's Day.
For the article, click here.