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The Author

JAMES LILLIEFORS is a journalist and novelist who grew up in the Washington, D.C. area. His novels include THE PSALMIST and THE TEMPEST and the political thrillers THE CHILDREN'S GAME (as Max Karpov), THE LEVIATHAN EFFECT and VIRAL. Lilliefors has written for various publications including The Washington Post and The Miami Herald. He began his journalism career with Runner's World magazine and worked for many years as a newspaper editor and reporter in Maryland and Florida. He was the longtime head writer at the Philharmonic Center/Naples Museum of Art (now Artis-Naples) in Florida and has contributed to a number of books on art and artists. His non-fiction books include AMERICA'S BOARDWALKS, BALL CAP NATION and HIGHWAY 50; he also wrote a mystery novel, BANANAVILLE. He was educated at the University of Iowa and the University of Virginia. Lilliefors also co-wrote (with Janet Johnson and Dr. Jack Crocker) the alma mater for Florida Gulf Coast University. He lives with his wife in South Florida.

For information on MAX KARPOV and THE CHILDREN'S GAME, please visit maxkarpov.com