The Luke Bowers and Amy Hunter Novels


Available in paperback and e-book from HarperCollins’ Witness imprint

The third installment of the series will be published in 2019.

Luke Bowers, head pastor at Tidewater Methodist Church, is in the good and evil business.

So, too – in a different way – is Amy Hunter, lead homicide investigator for Maryland's Chesapeake Bay
community of Tidewater County.

In THE PSALMIST, Bowers and Hunter find themselves working together after a dead woman is discovered
in Bowers' church on a winter morning, with a message in her hand referencing the book of Psalms.

THE TEMPEST, the seemingly accidental death of a summer tourist has unexpected repercussions when
she's linked to a famous stolen (and still missing) painting – Rembrandt’s 1633
The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, the artist's only seascape. Hunter and Bowers then set out to solve the mystery
of a picture within a picture.

German, Dutch, French and Swedish translations of THE PSALMIST and THE TEMPEST are also available (see "news").

The audiobook version of THE PSALMIST is now available from Tantor Media.

Why would anyone want to steal a masterpiece?

From The Boston Herald:

The largest property theft in U.S. history was the unsolved Gardner Museum heist of 1990. THE TEMPEST, the new book in the Bowers and Hunter series, imagines what happened to Rembrandt's The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, one of 13 works of art stolen in the robbery.

Read the op-ed here.

From the critics:

'THE CHILDREN'S GAME is uncanny in its timeliness and brilliant in its portrayal of disinformation as the most dangerous weapon of the new Cold War … a masterful thriller that is genuinely alarming in its plausibility. A must-read for 2018.' - Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of THE SWITCH

'VIRAL is a world-class thriller. It doesn't get any more real than this. Lilliefors has created one of the most compelling novels of international espionage I've come across in a long time.' - Vince Flynn, New York Times No. 1 bestselling author

'With THE LEVIATHAN EFFECT, Lilliefors has kicked it up several notches and created one of the best thrillers in years. Michael Crichton would be proud of how deftly he mixes science with suspense.' - Bookreporter

'Impressively intricate plot and non-stop action. Fans of intelligently written page-turners will be rewarded.' - Publishers Weekly, on VIRAL

'Solidly plotted and featuring a unique pair of protagonists - you don't often find a pair of brothers as action heroes - VIRAL is sure to appeal to fans of thrillers with Big Ideas and capital-V villains.' - Booklist

'The outbreak of a mysterious disease in the Third World is the first assault in a deviously stealthy international plot. (VIRAL) maintains suspense with vivid, direct prose and a skillfully developed plot.' - Kirkus Reviews

'Bowers and Hunter ... are unforgettable: Mr. Lilliefors has given readers two fine, original characters ... a distinctive setting that readers will be happy to revisit; and tense, machine-tooled plotting that astonishes.' - Florida Weekly, on THE PSALMIST

'Combine a terrific, offbeat pair of sleuths and a fresh setting and you have a real winner in THE PSALMIST.' - Connecticut News

“A true summer vacation thriller.” - Suspense Magazine, on THE TEMPEST

'(THE CHILDREN'S GAME) …. captures perfectly the mentality of Vladimir Putin’s Russia – its deep sense of insecurity that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union and the malign behavior that flows from it. And, on top of it, the book is near impossible to put down. A must read.” - Michael Morell, former CIA Acting Director and Deputy Director


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"Man is flowing. In him there are all possibilities: he was stupid, now he is clever; he was evil, now he is good, and the other way around. In this is the greatness of man." - Leo Tolstoy

"Nothing in history is inevitable, including the probable. So long as war has not broken out, we still have the possibility of avoiding it." - Reinhold Niebuhr

"Our salvation is founded upon the hope of something. It is by hope that we are born to the day, not to the night and its darkness, which we once were." - St. Augustine

"If you can't be happy, be kind. Happy will follow." - Pastor Luke Bowers

"Intervention in atmospheric and climatic matters will unfold on a scale difficult to imagine at present. Such actions would be more directly and truly worldwide than recent, or presumably future, wars ... All this will merge each nation's affairs with those of every other, more thoroughly than the threat of a nuclear or any other war would have done." - Mathematician John von Neumann, Can We Survive Technology? 1955

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